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Fish and Marine Animal Tagging, Archival Tags 

Star-Oddi Data Storage Tags are ideal for tagging due to accurate depth and temperature sensors, large memory size and long battery life along with some advanced programming features. The housing is made of bio-compatible material, which does not endanger the health of the tagged animal. The non-transparent housing ensures that sunlight does not affect measuring providing more reliable data. 

We offer a wide range of DSTs for your tagging project that include sensors such as conductivity, depth, temperature, tilt and magnetic field strength. Star-Oddi has also developed the Underwater Tagging Equipment that gives the researcher the option to tag fish while still in the ocean.

Brown trout with DST GPS tag Fish underwater with DST fish tag 

Tagging Instructions for tagging fish, measuring structure, fish treatment, treatment of tags after recapture, identification label on the tag, applied experiments using DSTs and examples of tagging equipment.

Examples of Tagged Animals
Our products have been used in various situations and number of different marine animals have been tagged using Data Storage Tags. The DSTs have been used for tagging small fish from 15 - 40cm long to tagging large whales and everything in-between. Following is a short list of examples where our products have been used. The list is just an example but not a complete list and we are confident that our products can be used in your field as well.

Our DST Archival tags are used by marine biologists and scientists world-wide