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Oceanography and Aquaculture

Star-Oddi specializes in designing and manufacturing range of equipment and underwater data loggers for recording environmental parameters. Our productline includes Data Storage Tags for fish and marine animals tagging, all of our products can be used for mooring applications as well.


Biologists and scientists world-wide have been able to record behavioural patterns of marine animals and done environmental monitoring using our products. They have also been used for diverse mooring applications in the fields of marine biology, oceanography, aquaculture, ecology and limnology. The products most commonly used in oceanography and aquaculture research are:

DST milli
DST centi-ex
Starmon mini 
DST tilt
DST magnetic  

Salinity logger attached to a fishing trawl DST CTD used for mooring application on a coral reef


When developing our products we put high emphasises on developing equipment which can be used to protect, restore and manage the coastal and ocean resources through ecosystem-based management.


Our employees have many years of experience in developing and working with our products, our customers are encouraged to use our expertise, either on-site or by remote assistance.