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Beverage and Food Industry

I need other temperature/pressure ranges than the standard range. Can you help me?
On our product pages we state the standard calibration range for our loggers but calibration outside of these values is possible. Please
contact us with your individual requirements.

How do I use my logger correctly so it gives me
accurate data?
When examining samples inside of bottles/cans it is advised to keep the logger in a centered position so that no external influence can be transmitted to the logger through the container walls. For this purpose Star-Oddi offers the Spider Cap which is a special tag holder bracket.

How can I
sterilize my loggers?
Star-Oddi loggers can easily be sterilized in 70% alcohol or gas sterilizer.

Where do I find
updates for FoodStar?
You can find the latest updates to your FoodStar software under Online Support >
Software Updates