Biomedical Industry

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Biomedical Industry

How can I be sure that the recorded data is accurate/ that the accuracy does not change with time?
Star-Oddi products are calibrated with high precision instruments and tested one by one. All components and used materials are of high quality and are assembled by experienced professionals.

I need
other temperature/pressure ranges than the standard range. Can you help me?
Yes. On our product pages we state the standard calibration range for our loggers but calibration outside of these values is possible. Please
contact us with your individual requirements.

How can I
sterilize my loggers?
Star-Oddi loggers can easily be sterilized in formeldahyde (formalin), gas sterilization, Virkon and ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization. 
The loggers cannot be sterilized in autoclave or gamma radiation.   

Where do I find
for Mercury?
You can find the latest updates to your Mercury software under Online Support >
Software Updates.

Are you selling
dummy tags?
Yes, Star-Oddi sells dummy tags for all DSTs. For testing purposes we can place a weight inside the housing to imitate the real weight of the tag. Please
contact us with your request.