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General Questions

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How do I contact customer service?
Contact customer service. We are available via phone and email during normal office hours.

How do I order? What information do I need to give you?
Contact us via phone or email with your request. In order to give you an accurate quote we will need the following information:
• Name, institution and all necessary contact information
• What product(s) are you interested in?
• Where are you intending to use our products?
• What temperature/pressure/salinity ranges do you need? If you are not sure, simply describe your project and we will help you.
• How many recorders would you like to order?
• When are you planning to put the recorders into use?

I just placed an order but I realize I made a mistake. What should I do?
Do not worry if you made a mistake. Simply contact sales and let us know as soon as possible what you need to change.

Can I cancel my order?
To learn more about cancellation please read the General Sales and Delivery Conditions for Star-Oddi Ltd.

What are your return policies?
To learn more about our return policy please read the General Sales and Delivery Conditions for Star-Oddi Ltd.

What are your payment policies?
To learn more about our payment policy please read the General Sales and Delivery Conditions for Star-Ooddi Ltd.

How long does the production/delivery take?
It takes approximately 4-6 weeks after receiving your purchase order for the product to be delivered. Production time varies depending on the quantity ordered, average time is 3-4 weeks.

The package I received is damaged. Who should I contact?
If the package is damaged it is most likely due to inappropriate handling during delivery. Please contact the delivery company.

Where do I find more about the prices?
Please contact sales for a sales quote. We do not have published prices on our website since the price varies depending on sensors, accessories, quantity etc.

Do you offer discounts on large orders?
Yes, Star-Oddi offers special discounts on a large amount of ordered loggers. For detailed information please contact customer service.

What accessories do I need as a first-time customer?
The basic starter kit that you will need in order to be able to use your Star-Oddi loggers consists of one Communication Box and one application software (SeaStar/FoodStar/Mercury).
Recommended, but not necessary accessories are protective logger housings, fastener kits, Spider Cap etc.

I am confused by the variety of your products. Can you help me figure out what I need?
Due to the variety of our products we offer a comparison tool.
If you are still uncertain about which product is most suitable for your project or have more questions about differences between our products please contact our customer service.

I have a suggestion for your R&D department. How do I make sure it reaches the appropriate person?
Star-Oddi is always interested in new development and/or improvement ideas. If you would like to share your idea with us, simply give us a call or email us.

Do you have a dealer in my country?
List of our distributors and dealers.

How can I subscribe to the newsletter? How can I unsubscribe?
To subscribe to our newsletters you can fill in the appropriate box at the top of our website or send us an e-mail. To unsubsribe send us an e-mail. You can also view every issue online.

Do you have user manuals for your products?
You can download our user manuals anytime and as often as you wish online under User Manuals.

How do I place a complaint?
Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, please let us know if you have any complaints regarding our services. Contact us and we'll work on solving your problem as quickly as possible to your satisfaction.

I am working in a field that is not listed on your website but I could find a use for your products. Can I still buy your products?
Star-Oddi is always open to new suggestions for the use of its products and the application of our loggers. Contact our customer service and let us know about your project, we will assist you in choosing the right product.