Our Popular Starmon Tilt Logger Now with Twice the Memory Size
February 17. - 2022

Our Popular Starmon Tilt Logger Now with Twice the Memory Size

The memory size in the Starmon tilt logger has now been doubled and is 6.7 million measurements per sensor; acceleration-tilt (3-D), depth and temperature. This durable titanium logger is ideal for analysing movements of subsea gear, whether for profiling or long-term monitoring.

Fits for both short-term profiling and long-term monitoring
The enhanced memory size makes the instrument further capable for profiling with fast sampling interval or long-term monitoring on moorings. The software allows starting the logger with a single interval or multiple intervals, enabling the user to go from a fast to a slower interval. Number of measurements can be defined for each interval.

Fast sampling and response
Starmon tilt can record acceleration and tilt in burst mode at up to 100 Hz (100 measurements per second).
The temperature probe has a fast response time constant of 2 seconds, especially useful when using on moving gear. Response is immediate on the other sensors.

High pressure survival - shallow to deep ocean
Starmon tilt has a robust and compact titanium housing with wide selection of pressure sensor ranges, from shallow depth to deep ocean.

See further specifications at the Starmon tilt product page.