Preventing Logger Migration in the Abdominal Cavity
October 7. - 2019

Preventing Logger Migration in the Abdominal Cavity

Data loggers can provide valuable information to many types of animal studies. As with anything else, though, the quality of the results is dependant on the correct use of the devices.

Logger migration common in male rodents
When implanting loggers freely into an animal's abdominal cavity, migration of the loggers is a common and expected occurrence. Although in many cases, this does not cause issues there are instances where logger migration can affect the data.

This is especially common in male rodents where loggers have a tendency to migrate to the scrotum of the animal. This results in lower temperature values than when the logger is located in the abdominal cavity.

Easy to prevent
To prevent this we recommend tethering the loggers to the abdominal wall. This keeps the loggers in place and assures that migration of the loggers doesn't affect the data collected.

Further information
For those looking for more information on the subject, we recommend taking a look at this white paper from one of our customers as well a this implantation video, demonstrating how to attach the loggers to the abdominal wall.

As always, our team is also happy to provide further information on implantation methods and best practices.