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DST magnetic featured on the Icelandic news

Star-Oddi’s DST magnetic entered the market in 2009 and was an improvement on the DST comp-tilt. The technology in the DST magnetic is proven technology and has been successfully used in various research.  

The DST magnetic measures and records temperature, depth, tilt in 3 directions and earth’s magnetic field in 3 directions. From the magnetic field strength measurements a relative magnetic field vector is calculated. It is also a useful tool for recording compass directions. DST magnetic has full compass heading tilt correction so accuracy is maintained when tilting away from its horizontal position. For more information about the DST magnetic visit our

The DST magnetic was used to tag Greenland halibut as a part of a joint Nordic project. The goal of the project is to map the migration route of the Greenland halibut. Very little is known about how the Greenland halibut navigates the ocean or how it swims and it’s expected that the DST magnetic will help researchers answer these questions.

The Greenland halibut tagging project was recently featured on the Icelandic news. Click here to watch the news footage from RUV (Icelandic public broadcasting company).

Star-Oddi has also developed DST geomag in cooperation with the Institute of Marine Research in Norway. The recorder can be put into models to find longitude and latitude of the fish. To read more about the agreement click here.

PatternFinder case study: Sound reception analysis

This case study is based on the research “The role of sound production in Atlantic cod spawning” which was conducted by Egill Guđmundsson and Timothy Grabowski in Iceland in July 2009.

Data from four DST Sonic acoustic recorders, manufactured by Star-Oddi, were used to collect data for the research. The recorders were implanted into cod housed at the Marine Research Institute's experimental research station. The objective of this particular study was to evaluate the performance of the DST Sonic in its ability to distinguish between nearby sound, such as those from the cod it was implanted in and other individuals within the same tank (weaker sounds).

As the two images from the case study clearly demonstrate PatternFinder is an extremely helpful tool for analysing large amounts of data, transforming a chart full of seemingly meaningless data into vivid results.

    More than 2 million sound measurements                                    Average daily detection frequency

Click here to read the whole case study

Distributor of the month

This year we're going to start a new segment in our newsletter to recognize our great distributors. Each newsletter we're going to feature a distributor of the month, this will include a listing of the speciality and contact information.

All a distributor needs to do to qualify for a distributor of the month is to be active during the year. We realize that each sales area is different in size and available opportunities and we want to make sure that everyone has a chance of being featured.

If anyone has experienced exceptional service from one of our distributors please tell us, we would like to share your story with everyone else.

What's ahead in 2011

2011 will be an eventful year for Star-Oddi. We will be releasing a number of exciting products both new ones and updates of our former ones.

We will also be attending a variety of exhibitions, starting with Ocean Business which will be held in Southampton, UK, April 5-7. We welcome you to visit us at booth A-21.


We look forward to seeing you in the new year!


Attention SeaStar/Mercury users!!!

To ensure the maximum efficiency of your loggers please update the application software SeaStar/Mercury. The latest version can be found on our website.

The Last day of Christmas

On January 6th Icelanders bid goodbye to Christmas. The day is usually referred to as Ţrettándinn or the Thirteenth as it is the 13th and the last day of Christmas.

As the day is rather close to New Year’s Eve much of the folklore associated with the beginning of the new year has extended to the Thirteenth. Elves and trolls come out of hiding and cows are said to gain speech on the night of the Thirteenth. It is also the day when the last Yule lad, Kertasníkir or Candle-Snatcher, heads back to his home in the mountains.

In the past the Thirteenth was often used as a back-up day for New Year's Eve in case the weather was too bad. Today the festivities mostly involve shooting up the leftover fireworks from New Year’s Eve or attending one of the various bonfires which are held all over the country where people gather with the mystical creatures to sing and dance.

Data Storage Tags - DSTs

Star-Oddi has been manufacturing and developing DSTs since 1993. The data loggers are used for various studies, such as fish tagging, fishing gear studies and oceanography. You can find our whole product range here. The following sensors are available:

Star-Oddi Online

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