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 World's smallest temperature & depth archival tag - new product release!

Star-Oddi is proud to announce the launch of DST nano-TD, a temperature and depth (pressure) logger that is ultra small and lightweight. Dimensions are 6 mm diameter x 17.5 mm length and weight in air is 1.3 g.  Despite the small size the battery life is 12 months if sampling interval used is 10 minutes or greater.  Memory size is 10,708 measurements in total and it's possible to select different sampling intervals for depth and temperature. Customers can choose between three depth calibration ranges: 200 m, 500 m and 1000 m. Depth accuracy is better than +/-0.6% of the logger's full scale, for example +/-1.2 m when using the 200 m pressure sensor. Temperature accuracy is better than +/-0.2°C. 

The small size of DST nano-TD opens up new opportunities for exciting research projects. Archival tagging of very small fish are now possible, providing behavioral information previously unknown.  Each tag can be marked with custom defined text for recapture purposes although space is limited. The tag can be reused as long as the battery lasts. Further details on the DST nano-TD product site.


PatternFinder case study: 22 years of temperature measurements!

The advanced data analysis software PatternFinder from Star-Oddi has proven to be a valuable tool for scientists since its release in late 2010 as previous case studies show. 

This case study is based on a research conducted by the Institute of Freshwater Fisheries. For 22 years the Institute collected temperature data from the river Vesturdalsa in Iceland.

Vesturdalsa is located in the northeast of Iceland and enters the fjord of Vopnafjordur (estuary at: 65°44´N and 14°54´W). The catchment area is 190 km2 and has an average flow of 5.0 m3s-1. It is classified as wetland heaths stream which originate in moraine heaths with lake and wetland systems. Vesturdalsá has been index river in study on salmon for the northeast part of Iceland. The temperature meter was located approximately 8.0 km upstream from the estuary. 

22 years of temperature measurements

The case study’s main objective was to develop a method in PatternFinder to evaluate annual and seasonal temperature changes in the river.

As the following images from the case study clearly demonstrate, PatternFinder is an extremely helpful tool for analysing time series data. 

Annual temperature overlay                                        Comparison of energy, temp. level duration and size      

Click here to read the whole case study.

Distributor of the month:

Our distributor of the month is, Ltd. is an innovative provider of compact, portable data logging devices and accessories for advanced data acquisition, communications and analysis. The company offers over 30 leading brands of data loggers through its award-winning online website,

Star-Oddi has had a successful collaboration with since 2005 and they had the following comments about Star-Oddi's products:

“The breadth of line and unique features of the Star-Oddi line of data loggers are second to none. We’ve been selling the Star-Oddi products since 2005 and I’m still amazed at how much technology they can fit into their loggers.”

“The Star-Oddi line of Data Loggers has been a staple in our product line since 2005. They offer a unique, well-made product that’s the best in class for the markets they address.”

Star-Oddi would like to thank for their dedicated work through the years and looks forward to continued collaboration.

Annual Presidential Innovation Award

On February 23rd the annual Innovation Award was handed out by the president of Iceland. The award is granted to those students who have excelled in projects funded by the Student Innovation Fund.

One of the nominees was Jón Valur Valsson. Jón Valur, who studies engineering at the University of Reykjavík, worked on his project in collaboration with Star-Oddi. We at Star-Oddi would like to congratulate Jón Valur on his achievement.

Star-Oddi at Ocean Business 2011

Star-Oddi will be attending Ocean Business 2011 which will be held at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, UK, April 5-7.

We welcome you to visit us at booth A-21.

Attention SeaStar/Mercury users!!!

To ensure the maximum efficiency of your loggers please update the application software SeaStar/Mercury. The latest version can be found on our website.


Data Storage Tags - DSTs

Star-Oddi has been manufacturing and developing DSTs since 1993. The data loggers are used for various studies, such as fish tagging, fishing gear studies and oceanography. You can find our whole product range here. The following sensors are available:

Three days of feast

The three days before Lent have for a long time been celebrated in Iceland and although the celebration mostly revolves around eating as much as you can, the days are also filled with plenty of other peculiar traditions.

The first day is Bolludagur or “Buns Day”. On this day people treat themselves with buns which are baked by the thousands both in people’s homes and in bakeries. The buns are usually filled with cream and jam with melted chocolate on top. In many schools children prepare colourful wands and on Buns Day they wake up their parents by spanking them with the wands and shouting "bolla! bolla!". The rule is that you get one bun for each spank.

The second day is Sprengidagur or “Bursting Day”. On this day it is traditional to eat salted meat and peas. The day is called Bursting Day because people are expected to eat until they burst.

The third day is Öskudagur or Ash Wednesday. On this day children dress up in fancy costumes and go around shops singing songs in the hope of receiving candy in return. Another tradition associated with Öskudagur are the Öskupokar or “ash bags” which are little bags that are filled with ashes and are pinned onto people’s clothing as a prank.


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