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NASA visits Star-Oddi

A representative from NASA visited Star-Oddi recently in relation to underwater research NASA is conducting.

Star-Oddi is proud to be a supplier of customized equipment to NASA, pushing technology into the future. 

Whilst the nature of the project NASA is conducting is still confidential, we hope to inform readers of the Star-Oddi newsletter about the research in the future.


Heading for the Pacific on the Corinthian

As we reported in our September issue the documentary film company, Tigersnail Film, has set on a journey around the world on their sailboat the Corinthian where they intend to film a variety of documentaries on the wildlife they encounter on their way.
Tigersnail's journey began in Kiel, Germany from where they sailed to the south Caribbean. The journey will then continue from the Caribbean and around the globe passing through the Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, East Asia, Africa and across the Atlantic ocean back to the Caribbean.

The latest update from Tigersnail Film is that they are currently in Trinidad where they are preparing their boat for the journey across the Pacific which will start at the end of this month. They have also just finished screening their first film, "Hitchhiking across the Atlantic" in British Columbia, Canada. The screening was very successfull and the company is already in talks to have the film screened in cinemas.

As mentioned before, Tigersnail Film intends to create a series of documentary films which will focus on endangered species and conservationists who are working to counter the loss of biodiversity caused by human activities. They will also investigate plastic pollution in the world oceans in cooperation with the World Wide Fund for Nature and GEOMAR as well as studying the occurrence of certain marine species along the way in cooperation with the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht

Star-Oddi is a proud sponsor of the journey and has provided the researchers with our DST CTD loggers which they will use to investigate and quantify the global distribution of jellyfish.


Star-Oddi Online

Now you can find product updates, video tutorials and general information about Star-Oddi on:

Product in focus: Low cost temperature and depth logger

Star-Oddi's DST milli-L is a low cost Temperature and Depth (TD) recording tag. Depth accuracy is better than +/-0.8% of the range. Temperature accuracy better than +/-0.1°C. It has a memory size of 87,000 measurements.

The DST milli-L is an ideal low cost temperature depth logger for fish or marine animal tagging projects, where large quantities of archival tags are needed at reasonable cost. For recapture purposes Star-Oddi marks each tag with a custom defined text containing information on how to return tags and reward. The DST milli-L can also be deployed subsea at moorings, fastened to fishing gear or other underwater equipment, collecting valuable data.

For more information, please see the DST milli-L product site. Please contact us with questions or quote requests.


Data Storage Tags - DSTs

Star-Oddi has been manufacturing and developing DSTs since 1993. The data loggers are used for various studies, such as fish tagging, fishing gear studies and oceanography. You can find our whole product range here. The following sensors are available:

Fun fact: Ever heard of handball?

Iceland is not particularly known for its athletic triumphs but there is one sport that Icelanders have excelled in over the past few years, namely handball. The game of handball involves two teams of seven players each that pass a ball to throw it into the goal of the other team. A standard match consists of two periods of 30 minutes.

The Icelandic male handball team has been quite successful and has qualified for every major tournament in the past years. The national team also includes some of the best handball players in the world. Its biggest success came when it won second place at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

The team has been competing at the 2013 Handball World Cup in Spain but recently fell out of the competition after a defeat against France in the round of 16 finalists. 


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