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Behavioral pattern of Northern map turtles studied

Researchers at Buffalo State College in the US are conducting a biotelemetric study of northern map turtles in the famous Niagara River, which flows north from Lake Erie in the US to Lake Ontario in Canada, to better understand the behavior and habitat use of these turtles. The goal is to determine home ranges, thermal ecology, and key habitat requirements.

The turtles were tagged with DST milli-L pressure and temperature data logger which have allowed project director Dr. Ed Standora and graduate students Brian Haas and Jeremy Henderson to create a comprehensive temperature and depth profile for each individual. The data collected will be compared against environmental monitoring data to help explain their behavior. We hope to give you insight into their findings when they become public.


Product in focus: DST bird geolocator

This small tag, which is mainly used for behavioral studies and the monitoring of movements and habitats of small birds, has been a valuable asset for scientists around the world.

Its small dimensions and weight (19mm x 8.5mm x 8.5mm, weighs only 2g) make it ideal for tagging small birds. It is also suitable for monitoring light levels and temperature in sediments. It can withstand pressure down to 150 meters.

The DST bird geolocator is mainly used for behavioral studies and to better understand the movements and habitats of small birds. Light and temperature information from the logger can be used for geolocation and finding migration routes of birds. Data from the loggers can be compared to existing weather data indicating bird locations at different times.
Data from the logger is uploaded into the SeaStar software where it can be viewed in graphic and tabular form. For further data analysis Star-Oddi offers PatternFinder analysis software which incorporates a world map from Google Earth for displaying bird migration routes. The data can also be imported into other common software packages.


Star-Oddi Online

Now you can find product updates, video tutorials and general information about Star-Oddi on:

Data Storage Tags - DSTs

Star-Oddi has been manufacturing and developing DSTs since 1993. The data loggers are used for various studies, such as fish tagging, fishing gear studies and oceanography. You can find our whole product range here. The following sensors are available:

Great reception at Star-Oddi

Around 50 oceanographers and marine scientists attended a reception held at Star-Oddi offices during the ICES Annual Science Conference which was held in Reykjavik, 23-27 September.
We gave the scientists a taste of our technology, production facilities and local food, such as minke whale meat, smoked lamb on flat rye bread and dried fish which was a big hit.

The Star-Oddi team would like to thank everybody who were able to attend and we hope you enjoyed the visit.

We have a winner! 

Star-Oddi held a raffle at the ICES conference in Reykjavik last month, with a great first price. It included a bottle of the (in)famous Icelandic brennivin schnapps, our small DST CTD, salinity, temperature and depth logger and our durable Starmon mini underwater temperature recorder

Participants only had to answer one easy question: What are the two Star-Oddi product lines called? The answer is of course, DST and Starmon. 

The lucky winner was Jon Helge Volstad from the Institute of Marine Research in Norway. The Star-oddi team congratulates Jon Helge and hopes he will make the best of the winnings.

Fun fact: Celebrating John Lennon's birthday in Iceland

On October 9th, the Imagine Peace Tower on the Island of Videy just outside Reykjavik, Iceland was lit for the seventh year in a row. 

The Peace Tower is an outdoor sculpture created by Yoko Ono in honour of her late husband, John Lennon and their battle for world peace. The tower is lit on Lennon's birthday, October 9th, and is lit until December 8th which is the day when he tragically died. The Peace Tower consists of a tall tower of light, projected from a white stone monument that has the words "Imagine Peace" carved into it in 24 languages.

The Tower consists of 15 searchlights with prisms that act as mirrors, reflecting the column of light vertically into the sky from a 10-metre wide wishing well. It often reaches cloudbase and indeed can be seen penetrating the cloud cover. On a clear night it appears to reach an altitude of at least 4000m. The power for the lights is provided by Iceland's unique geo-thermal energy grid. It uses approximately 75 kW of power.

A record number of 1850 people attended the lighting ceremony this year. During her visit, Yoko Ono was made an honorary citizen of Reykjavik.


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