Newsletter // Issue 2 // February 2013 // 

Product in focus: DST CTD - conductivity, temperature and depth logger

DST CTD is the smallest salinity logger on the market that measures and records conductivity (salinity), temperature and pressure (depth). This small and cost effective CTD has been much welcomed by marine and fisheries scientists around the world.

The DST CTD is custom calibrated and the three conductivity ranges that Star-Oddi offers are 0.3 to 5 mS/cm, 3 to 37 mS/cm and 13 to 50 mS/cm. The temperature range is -1 to +40°C (30°F to 95°F) and the logger is available with various depth ranges, maximum down to 2000m. The DST CTD has a memory size of 87,217 measurements per sensor. Optionally the depth measurements can be skipped (DST CT) increasing the memory up to 130,826 measurements per sensor.

For more information, please see the DST CTD product site.


Raising awareness of climate change

Tigersnail Film, of which Star-Oddi is a proud sponsor, has relased a video where we get a glimpse into their project, Running Downwind, and their collaboration with the Top to Top project. Top to Top is a non profit organization whose members have been sailing the seven seas on their boat, the Pachamama, for over 10 years. The objective of the project is to "raise awareness of climate change by traveling to the highest mountain on each continent, using nature's force and human power".

The Top to Top project and Running Downwind share many of the same goals and one of their efforts is to organize a mutual beach clean-up where both projects arrange beach clean-ups in different parts of the world at the same time.

As we previously reported, Star-Oddi has provided Tigersnail Film with our DST CTD loggers which they will use to measure temperature and salinity to monitor the effects of climate change. In the video you can see how they have been using the loggers.

To watch the video and more videos from Tigersnail Film, please click on the following link.



Star-Oddi Online

Now you can find product updates, video tutorials and general information about Star-Oddi on:

Meet us at Ocean Business in Southampton, UK

Star-Oddi will be exhibiting at Ocean Business in Southampton, UK on 9-11 April. If you are attending we welcome you to visit our booth no. A21. 

Star-Oddi will display its range of small data loggers in the DST and Starmon series. Attendance is free at the exhibition which will boast more than 300 exhibitors and expected +4000 visitors from over 50 countries. Star-Oddi is exhibiting at this show for the second time.



Data Storage Tags - DSTs

Star-Oddi has been manufacturing and developing DSTs since 1993. The data loggers are used for various studies, such as fish tagging, fishing gear studies and oceanography. You can find our whole product range here. The following sensors are available:

Fun fact: 81% of Iceland's primary energy comes from renewable sources

Iceland is an island which is constantly in development. Located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the country has about 200 volcanoes and 600 hot springs.

This geological vivacity has provided Icelanders with a great source of renewable energy. For centuries the hot springs were used for bathing and washing and in 1907 the geothermal energy was first used for heating. Today 89% of houses in Iceland are heated with geothermal energy.

The energy is also used for many other purposes, such as the heating of swimming pools and greenhouses.



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