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Terrapins tagged with DST milli-L depth and temperature loggers

Dr. Russell Burke, professor at the Department of Biology at Hofstra University has tagged 17 diamondback terrapins with Star-Oddi's DST milli-L depth temperature archival tag.   

According to Dr. Burke, "the Diamondback terrapins are magnificent and unusual turtles in many ways—they live in salt water but are not sea turtles, they are restricted to the Atlantic coasts of the United States, and they play key roles in their ecosystems. From the 18th through the 20th centuries they were hunted and eaten in huge numbers, sometimes as the unpopular food of the poor and other times as haut cuisine. Nowadays, Terrapins are legally protected in every state they are found, but this has not stopped their populations from declining from the Gulf Coast of Texas, to Cape Cod, Massachusetts."

The data loggers were bought with support from the iAMscientist project. To learn more about the project please see Dr. Burke's project site on iAMscientist.


Product in focus: DST milli-TD temperature and depth logger

For over a decade Star-Oddi has been producing the DST milli-TD data logger. Since that time it has been used in a variety of different research projects for collecting time series of temperature and depth.

The logger's dimensions are 38.4 mm in length x 13 mm diameter, making it ideal for tagging of fish and marine animals, attaching to fishing gear or profile measurements of a water column to name a few.

The DST milli-TD is available as a temperature logger only. Total memory size is 87,000 measurements but can be increased to 682,000 measurements (needs to be split between the two sensors). Temperature accuracy is better than +/-0.1°C. Depth accuracy depends on the range selected, it is +/-40 cm for a 100 m calibration range for example. Various depth ranges are available.

Star-Oddi offers a plastic protective housing that gives more flexible mounting options and protects the logger against impact when used in demanding environments.

See the DST milli-TD product page.


Star-Oddi Online

Now you can find product updates, video tutorials and general information about Star-Oddi on:

Instrument Choice wins the Telstra Australian Business Award

We are pleased to announce that our Australian distributor, Instrument Choice (Synotronics Pty Ltd) has won the Telstra Australian Business Award for their category.

The awards celebrations were held on Friday night, 26th of July 2013 at a Gala dinner. Businesses were judged on their Business Achievements and Vision, Sales and Marketing, Customers, Team, Planning and Performance, Financials, Innovations and Social Responsibility.

The Telstra Australian Business Awards, now in its 21st year puts finalists and winners in the spotlight with winners sharing in $500,000 worth of prizes.

Instrument Choice will now take part of the national awards to be announced on the 22nd of August in Sydney at the National Awards Gala Dinner. Star-Oddi wishes the best of luck to Instrument Choice.

Data Storage Tags - DSTs

Star-Oddi has been manufacturing and developing DSTs since 1993. The data loggers are used for various studies, such as fish tagging, fishing gear studies and oceanography. You can find our whole product range here. The following sensors are available:

Fun fact: Bank holiday bonanza

One of the most important holidays in Iceland, Commerce Day, is celebrated on the first Monday of August each year.

The holiday, which was first celebrated in 1894, was originally granted to tradesmen and thus received its name. Holidays were a rare thing for workers at the time, but, inspired by a Danish tradition, shopkeepers decided to give their employees a day off to entertain themselves. The day became a national holiday around the middle of the 20th century.

Taking advantage of the long weekend, people flock out of the towns and city armed with tents and sleeping bags and head for the countryside. Most people visit the numerous festivals which are celebrated in every part of the country. These festivals offer a variety of entertainment such as concerts, dances and games. One of the most popular festivals is held on the island of Vestmannaeyjar, located off the South Coast of Iceland, with about 10-14 thousand visitors attending each year.


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