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Study on the Vertical Behaviour of Lumpfish  

The lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus) is a species that keeps at high latitude, mainly in the Arctic and sub-Arctic waters of the North Atlantic. The fish is caught by trawls both in the pelagic and demersal zone so, as a result, little is known about the vertical behaviour of the species.  
To learn more about its behaviour, a group of scientists tagged 41 female lumpfish with Star-Oddi's DST milli-TD and DST micro-TD temperature and depth loggers. The fish were caught during the Icelandic Groundfish Survey (IGFS) in the month of March. 31% of the tags,13 of them were recaptured from fish who had ranged freely for 20 to 61 days. Data from the loggers was subsequently compared to depth and distribution information of lumpfish catches from the IGFS.

The data revealed that the lumpfish spends its time at different depths and exhibited demersal, vertical and pelagic behaviour. The vertical behaviour varied between months, in March the fish spent most of its time in the demersal or the pelagic zone, but displayed increasing surface behaviour during April. The data also indicated a diel pattern in the lumpfish' vertical behaviour.

For more information on the study, please click here.


New Features in Star-Oddi's Small Salinity Loggers - Extended Depth and Conductivity Ranges and Saltwater Switch

Extended depth and conductivity ranges: We have extended the maximum depth range for our small DST CTD conductivity, temperature and depth logger. The logger can now be calibrated up to 2400m depth with pressure survival at 2500m. An extended conductivity calibration range 13-63 mS/cm is also now available. 

Saltwater switch
: In order to save memory space in the CTD Logic logger, it is now possible to enable a saltwater switch so that when the logger is out of seawater and no salinity is detected it does not record the measurements. This is an addition to the depth logic limit where a predefined depth limit can be defined in the software for start/stop of recordings. The logic feature is ideal for use on fishing gear when recordings are not needed or when the gear is on deck.   
Published Research using our Sensors

You can view an extensive collection of scientific papers and posters using our sensors in various types of aquatic and fisheries research which can be found on our website. To view the research, please click on the following link.

If you have a story or research to share with us, please contact us.

Star-Oddi Online 

Now you can find product updates, video tutorials and general information about Star-Oddi on:



New Floating Device for DST Fish Tags  

It is useful to have floats attached to the DST tags to increase recaptures of tags from fish as they eventually float to shore and are picked up and returned.

They can be used both for internal and external tagging of fish. For internal tagging the cylinders can be coated with biocompatible material. They can also be painted with bright colours for more visibility (non biocompatible). The device comes in two sizes, 27mm x 10mm and 20mm x 7mm.
See further details on the Accessories site.

Fun Fact: Icelandic National Football Team at its First Great Tournament

For the first time in history, the Icelandic national football team will partake in a major tournament, the European Cup. Iceland was one of the first teams to qualify after finishing second in their group leaving countires like the Netherlands behind. The female team have already qualified twice for the European Cup in 2009 and 2013

The tournament will take place in France,June 10 to July 10. Iceland is in group F along with Austria, Hungary and Portugal and will play against Ronaldo and his team in its first game on June 14th.

It's safe to say that football furore has gripped the nation. It is estimated that almost 30.000 Icelanders will travel to France to watch Iceland play, a staggering 8% of the nation! The rest will surely be glued to their television sets. 


Data Storage Tags - DSTs

Star-Oddi has been manufacturing and developing DSTs since 1993. The data loggers are used for various studies, such as fish tagging, fishing gear studies and oceanography. You can find our whole product range here. The following sensors are available:


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