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Communication Box
The DST's are operated with our software and a Communication Box, which is connected to a PC. All communication and data transfer is wireless via the box. The Com Box comes with a power supply, 9 pin serial cable, a USB serial converter cable and a hard plastic case that also fits several data loggers.
Communication Box
Personal Area Network (PAN)*

The PAN is connected to the PC. It receives signals from the RF box that's attached to each cage. The PAN can handle up to 127 RF boxes. The PAN comes with a power supply, 9 pin serial cable and a USB serial converter cable.
*Can only be used with DST microRF

Antenna & RF Box*
The antenna transmits data to the RF box which is the transreceiver module that sends information to the PAN. The antenna and RF box are both attached to the cage.
*Can only be used with DST microRF  
Plastic Protective Housing
Star-Oddi offers protective housing for the DST to give more flexible mounting options and to protect the data logger when used under more harsh environmental conditions. When used as a stand alone logger it can be attached fishing gear, moorings, deployment lines or other equipment. It has attachment points (6 mm in diameter) on top and bottom. The protective housing is made of polyurethane (PUR) plastic. The housing dimensions are 75 mm in length x 30 mm in diameter. Weight in air is 50 g. Plastic Protective Housing
Wire Fasteners for Protective Housing and Starmon mini
Wire fasteners for DST protective housings and Starmon mini Temperature Recorders. Ideal for fastening the equipment to fishing gear, long lines. For use in fixed positions and in harsh environment. The wire fasteners are made of non-corrosive stainless steel with two clamps to ensure secure fastening. The length of the wires can be adjusted to fit the application.  Wire fastener
Adjustable Housing for DSTs with tilt and/or compass sensors
When measuring tilt and compass directions with the DST's it is important that the loggers do not roll on the object being studied. When attached to gear we recomend using Adjustable Housing for DST tilt, DST pitch & roll, DST compass, and DST comp-tilt.  The DST logger is inserted into the housing and rolled until the marking on logger matches with the marking on the housing. Stainless steel clamps inside the housing are used to fasten the logger in an approximate central position. The shape of the housing is designed to be fastened/bolted/screwed to underwater gear/equipment or strapped to a cable. The weight of the housing is 125 g in air. housing for tilt and/or compass sensors
Stainless Steel Protective Housing
Star-Oddi offers stainless steel protective housing for Starmon mini (can also be used for DSTs in plastic housing to give extra protection).  It is ideal when fastening to cables, moorings or fishing gear. It has brackets inside designed for the Starmon mini to fit in.  Dimensions of the steel housing is 206 mm x 40 mm and weight in air is 360 g.
Starmon mini
Communication Cable
To connect to the Starmon mini underwater temperature recorders a communication cable is used. It is connected between the recorder and a PC computer. The cable has a RS-232C standard 9 pin serial interface that connects to a PC, but a USB serial converter cable is also supplied. Communication cable
Fastener kits for external tagging

Plate Holder Kit
The Plate Holder Kit consists of wire fasteners, a plastic plate for holding the tag, a plastic plate on the opposite side, and silicon pads for external attachment on fish and other subjects. Star-Oddi can also provide needles for the tagging process if needed. The plate holder kit is available for the centi and milli sized loggers. For instructions on how to use the Plate Holder Kit click here.  Weight of the fastening kit is ca. 15 g. in air. Various thickness of wires is available.

Capsule Holder Kit
The Capsule Holder Kit is a plastic capsule that has 2 mm holes on each end.  The capsule has holes on each end, ensuring water flow to the sensors. In addition to the capsule the kit comes with a wire harness, plastic plate and two silicone pads for placing under the capsule to prevent descaling and the plastic plate. The capsule holder kit is available for all logger sizes: centi, milli and micro.

Fish tagging kit

Spider Cap
The Spider Cap is an accessory specially designed for the beverage industry to keep the recorder in an optimal centered position inside a bottle or can during the pasteurization process. The DST milli PU is inserted into the Spider Cap and placed into the bottle.
Bottle-Can Tray

The Bottle-Can Tray is suitable for use in the beverage and food industry, during tunnel pasteurisation, used together with the DST milli-PU. Its main purpose is to make the examined bottle/can easily identifiable from the bottles/cans not being studied, preventing it from accidentally getting lost or transferred to consumers. The tray has three adjustable knobs, for fastening bottles/cans of different sizes in the middle of the tray.  There is also an option for an adjustable arm that has a capsule on the end, containing the DST milli-PU, that goes into the bottle/can. The purpose of the arm (not shown in picture) is to make it easier to remove the DST logger from the can/bottle, re-program and re-insert it into a bottle/can.  The arm can be adjusted and fastened by the user so that the logger is placed in the preferred position inside the bottle/can.






Hard Plastic Case

The plastic case is supplied with each purchased communication box but is also sold separately.  It fits the communication box with cables and power supply as well as several DSTs. The splash proof case is ideal for carrying the equipment for fieldwork.

In-the-field Power Supply

The power supply is a 9v battery with a connector to the Communication Box that can be used in the field with Laptop when there is no grid available.