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Communication Box
The DST's are operated with our software and a Communication Box, which is connected to a PC. All communication and data transfer is wireless via the box. The Com Box comes with a USB cable and a hard plastic case that also fits several data loggers. The box comes in four different sizes, the same as our DST sizes, centi, milli, micro and nano. Each size requires its own Communication Box.
Communication Box
Communication Cable
To connect to the Starmon mini underwater temperature recorders a communication cable is used. It is connected between the recorder and a PC computer. The cable has a RS-232C standard 9 pin serial interface that connects to a PC, but a USB serial converter cable is also supplied. Communication cable
SeaStar is our main graphical Windows supporting software for Aquatic and Fisheries Research and Other Industries. It is compatible with all our recorders and offers various options for measurement settings prior to deployment and after data retrieval. It offers graphical and tabular analysis of the recordings.
PatternFinder is a graphic data analysis software designed to save the users resources by making data analysis faster, more efficient and easier.
Hard Plastic Case

The plastic case is supplied with each purchased communication box but is also sold separately. It fits the communication box with cables and power supply as well as several DSTs. The splash proof case is ideal for carrying the equipment for fieldwork.

In-the-field Power Supply

The power supply is a 9v battery with a connector to the Communication Box that can be used in the field with Laptop when there is no grid available.