Implantable Activity and Temperature Animal Bio-logger

Overview of changes in animal activity over time. Minimally invasive, simple to implant and explant. On-board calculation of acceleration statistics from 3-axis accelerometer data

Ideal for use in studies on small captive and free-ranging animals

Key features

  • Statistical and raw 3-axis accelerometer data
  • Minimally invasive
  • Small size (3.3g)
  • Stress-free long-term studies
  • Guaranteed accuracy and performance
  • Description

    Statistical and raw 3-axis accelerometer data

    Each activity measurement is comprised of a burst activity measurement over one minute with a user programmable sampling frequency of 0.03Hz-10Hz. Statistical parameters are calculated on-board, based on the dynamic body acceleration of the animal. Raw  accelerometer measurements can be stored in the logger’s memory for further processing.

    Minimally Invasive

    The DST micro-ACT simultaneously measures long term activity and core body temperature in the animal. The logger is simple to implant and explant and is made from ceramic housing to guarantee biocompatibility.

    For advice on implantation, please contact us.


    This bio-logger is ideal for a variety of studies including those looking at behaviour, pre-clinical vaccine efficacy and stress response. It is suitable for use in laboratory, domestic and wildlife animal research, including studies on animal welfare and is suitable for use in all biosafety levels.

    Overview of Changes in Animal Activity Over Time

    Measuring acceleration derived activity gives researchers the chance to get an overall view of changes in the study animals’ activity over time. The DST activity loggers measure acceleration in three dimensions, in relation to earth‘s gravity field. Each activity measurement is composed of a burst activity measurement over one minute with a chosen sampling frequency of 0.03Hz-10Hz.

    Stress-Free Long-Term Studies

    The logger has a battery life of over 13 months, when sampling every 15 minutes at a 1Hz sampling frequency. The logger is especially useful when a comprehensive data set throughout the research period is needed with no disturbance to the animal. Since no data is transmitted there are no housing or environmental restrictions that apply to the data collection.

    Different Measurement Intervals

    Optionally, the loggers can be programmed with multiple different intervals within a study. This can, for example, be useful when different intervals are preferred during the day or night and can optimize battery life and save memory at the same time.

    Guaranteed accuracy and performance

    Every logger is individually calibrated for temperature and comes with a calibration certificate. In addition, a static calibration is performed on the acceleration values eliminating the need for the user to normalize the data. We guarantee the loggers’ accuracy and performance for one year after purchase.