Tiny Temperature Logger for Fish & Aquatic Animals

Temperature sensing Data Storage Tag (DST) for both long- and short-term studies. Minimally invasive and easy to tag or implant.

Ideal for tagging studies on small fish, for accurately recording fish environmental temperature profile over time.

Key features

  • One of the world’s smallest logger with long battery life
  • Suitable for aquatic animal species as small as 30g
  • Minimally invasive and simple to implant
  • Guaranteed pressure tolerance to 1000 meters
  • Detailed temperature profile with date and time
  • Description

    Tiny logger (1.3g) with long battery life – typically over 1 year

    The DST nano-T is an extremely small temperature data logger, weighing only 1.3g with a diameter of 7.2 mm and length 18 mm. Measuring at 1 hour intervals, the battery can last up to 2 years, depending on the water temperature.

    Minimally invasive and simple to implant

    This tiny archival tag is hermetically sealed. The biocompatible housing is designed for implantation, but it can also be externally attached. A small incision is made when implanting the tag and closed with a couple of stitches.


    The temperature sensor tag can be used on both captive and wild fish and other aquatic animals. The tag is ideal for salmon smolt tagging studies as an example where detailed temperature profile is needed, including physiological studies, recording migration behaviour such as thermal preference observation, marine habitat-use, and ocean entry timing.
    For tagging and release a return text (phone number) is printed on the housing. Serial number is always printed on the housing.

    Guaranteed pressure tolerance to 1000m and waterproof

    The logger is hermetically sealed, making it completely waterproof. It is the smallest member of a robust product family of submersible loggers and is designed to withstand pressure to a depth of 1000 meters.

    Detailed temperature profile

    Due to its long battery life the logger can be used for long-term, as well as short-term studies, with short measurement intervals (down to once every second), giving the user a detailed temperature profile with no disturbance to the animal. The logger has a battery life of 14 months when measuring at 10 minute intervals and up to 2 years measuring at 1h intervals.

    Single or multiple intervals

    There are two modes to set the measurement interval, either at a single interval throughout the period or multiple intervals. Multiple intervals are especially useful when more frequent measurements are wanted at certain time periods. Number of measurements are defined for each interval thereby controlling duration at each interval.

    Guaranteed accuracy and performance

    Every logger is individually calibrated and comes with a calibration certificate. We guarantee the loggers’ accuracy and performance for one year after purchase.