Temperature Pressure Sensors Pasteurization Logger

Small and economical bottle and can data logger. Monitor without an external device temperature, pressure and pasteurization inside the container.

Providing temperature, pressure and pasteurization data for beverage quality and process control, product development, packaging and logistics.

Key features

  • Small size – fits easily inside a bottle or can
  • Bracket keeps logger in optimal position
  • Closed system monitoring - No external device
  • Monitor throughout the process without interruption
  • Description

    Small size

    The logger fits easily inside the container, with dimensions of 40 x 15 mm, weighing only 12 grams.


    DST milli-PU is used for various studies within the food and beverage industry, e.g.:

    • Recording temperature and optionally pressure inside bottles and cans
    • Provides pasteurisation units (PU) data from tunnel pasteurisation
    • Quality control of canned food and beverages
    • Research on containers for the food and beverage industry
    • Suitable for other industries where high temperature range is required

    Bracket keeps logger in optimal position

    A steel bracket holds the sensor in the same postion throughout the measuring period. It can be easily insterted and taken out of the container using a steel clip. The bracket also ensures that the data logger is safe from outside knocks and movement.

    Closed system monitoring - No external device

    The logger monitors without any wires or external device attached. The container can therefore be closed throughout the measuring period, ensuring that there is nothing in the environment affecting the measurements.