Pitch & Roll (3D Tilt Angle), Temperature and Depth Archival Tag

Small tilt angle Data Storage Tag with pitch and roll, depth and temperature sensors. High pressure survival. Long life in small size

For fish tagging projects, studying movements of fish and marine animals. Measuring tilt in addition to temperature and depth gives new insight into fish behavior.

Key features

  • Long life in miniature size
  • 3D view of tilt angle at each data point
  • Various depth ranges, from shallow to deep ocean
  • Tag holder kit for external tagging of fish
  • User defined text on the housing
  • Description

    Long life in miniature size

    This pitch & roll 3D tilt archival tag records temperature, depth (pressure) and acceleration derived tilt in three directions, in relation to earth's gravity field. Tilt measuring range is +/-90° for each of the axis X, Y and Z. The logger is only 46 mm in length and 15 in width. Batteries last two years if sampling every two minutes.


    DST tilt is designed as a fish archival tag for behavioral studies of fish and marine animals . It enables scientists to gain valuable information on behavioural patterns over a long period of time. For using the logger on a mooring or subsea gear, click here.

    3D view of tilt angle at each data point

    A data analysis software enables easy viewing of the 3D orientation of the pitch and roll sensors over the course of the research period. The user can view a 3D image of the logger, showing the tilt angle at each data point.  The user can click on a data point in the graph or table or use the cursor to scroll through the graph. Automated animation movie can also be activated by clicking a PLAY button.

    The 3D image is viewed in Star-Oddi‘s free analysis software, Patternfinder.

    Various depth ranges, from shallow to deep ocean

    Customers choose between depth calibration up to: 50 m, 100 m, 270 m, 800 m, 1500 m or 3000 m. The shallower the range the better the resolution and accuracy.

    Tag holder kit ensures easier and safer attachment

    A tag holder kit is available for external fish tagging, to make the tagging process easier and safer. See more under the accessories tab.

    User defined text on the biocompatible housing

    For tag and release of animals into the wild the tags can have a customized text on the housing, for recapture purposes. Normally there is a reward for return of a tag.