Data analysis software for fast, graphical data processing - Star-Oddi



SeaStar is our main graphical Windows supporting software for Aquatic and Fisheries Research and Other Industries. It is compatible with all our recorders and offers various options for measurement settings prior to deployment and after data retrieval. It offers graphical and tabular analysis of the recordings.


In SeaStar, the user sets the start time, start date and sampling interval before starting the recorder. A single interval can be defined in second(s), minute(s) or hour(s). Optionally, parameters can be set as primary and secondary with different sampling frequency. That way memory partitioning can be customized according to individual preferences.

Up to seven different intervals can be set for the same measurement sequence. Number of measurements is defined for each interval. This is especially useful when more frequent measurements are needed at certain time periods.

After recovering the DST, recorded data is uploaded to SeaStar where results are displayed both in graphic and tabular form.

Every 30 days, SeaStar automatically searches the Star-Oddi website and downloads the latest updates to the software.

The user can also download the latest updates manually from Star-Oddi's website: