Pitch & Roll (3D Tilt Angle), Temperature and Depth Logger

Small and economical submersible tilt data logger with pitch and roll sensors and high pressure survival. Easy to mount on gear.

For monitoring behavior, movements and orientation of subsea gear, lines and underwater vehicles. Adding the Star-Oddi’s adjustable housing offers flexible mounting options.

Key features

  • Smallest subsea tilt sensor logger on the market
  • Adjustable housing gives flexible mounting options
  • Depth sensors from shallow to deep ocean
  • Burst measurements for tilt measurements and acceleration
  • 3D view of tilt angle at each data point
  • Description

    Smallest subsea tilt sensor logger on the market

    This miniature waterproof DST tilt sensor records temperature, depth (pressure) and acceleration derived tilt in three directions, in relation to earth's gravity field. Tilt measuring range is +/-90° for each of the axis X, Y and Z. The logger is only 46 mm in length and 15 in width. Due to its small size it is easy to mount the logger on various gear and nets.


    The DST tilt logger is small and economical when compared to bulkier and more expensive tilt loggers on the market. It is used for a variety of studies including:

    • Fishing gear research – tilt logger attached to trawls, nets, lines, dredges, pots, traps and seine nets
    • Underwater towed array, sled, vehicle (ROV and AUV) – analysing orientation and movements
    • Mooring lines and submersible acoustic receivers – variations in movements and orientation due to wind and wave force
    • Geothermal boreholes – changes in tilt angle at different depths down the hole
    • For using DST tilt on fish and marine animals, click here

    Adjustable housing gives flexible mounting options

    When measuring with the tilt measuring device it is important that the tilt logger does not roll on the object being studied. When attached to gear we recommend using Star-Oddi’s adjustable housing. Stainless steel clamps inside the housing fix the logger inside the housing. The shape of the housing is designed to be fastened to underwater equipment or strapped to a cable. 

    Depth sensors from shallow to deep ocean

    Customers choose between depth calibration up to: 50 m, 100 m, 270 m, 800 m, 1500 m or 3000 m. The shallower the range the better the resolution and accuracy.

    Burst measurements for tilt & acceleration

    The tilt logger can be programmed to do burst measurements, down to 5 recordings per second (5 Hz), for tilt and acceleration.

    3D view of tilt angle at each data point

    A data analysis software enables easy viewing of the 3D orientation of the pitch and roll sensors over the course of deployment. The user can view a 3D image of the logger, showing the tilt angle at each data point.  The user can click on a data point in the graph or table or use the cursor to scroll through the graph. Automated animation movie can also be activated by clicking a PLAY button.

    The 3D image is viewed in  Star-Oddi‘s free analysis software, Patternfinder