Implantable Real-time Telemetry Temperature Transmitter - For small animals

Cost effective with a flexible setup and allows group housing. Minimally invasive and simple to implant.

Ideal for use in studies on small caged animals when a detailed and accurate temperature profile is needed in real time.

Key features

  • Flexible setup, allows group housing
  • Logs in memory for enhanced reliability
  • Small size (1.5g) and long battery life – up to 2 years
  • Detailed temperature profile
  • Guarantees accuracy and performance
  • Description

    Real time telemetry for small caged animals

    Star-Oddi‘s telemetry system is designed for small caged animals, such as rodents. The system is not suitable for large and/or free-ranging animals.


    The logger is ideal for a variety of studies on small caged animals, including: baseline measurements, measuring immune response to infection, testing vaccine efficacy and safety pharmacology and measuring physiological changes.

    Flexible, simple setup which allows group housing

    The telemetry system is ideal for those who need a flexible system that is simple in set-up and cost effective. One of the benefits of the system is that it allows group housing of the animals, technically up to 10 animals per cage, as well as the possibility to move the system between locations without data interruption.

    Logs in memory for enhanced reliability

    In addition to providing data in real time the logger logs all measurements in its internal memory. This adds to the flexibility of the system and prevents data loss if connection is lost or the animal is removed from the cage. 

    Minimally invasive and simple to implant

    The logger is hermetically sealed and made from biocompatible housing, ceramic and epoxy, and is designed for simple implantation and retrieval. The unique ceramic housing guarantees biocompatibility.

    For advice on implantation, please contact us.

    Detailed temperature profile

    Due to its long battery life the logger can be used for long term, as well as short term studies with short intervals (down to once every minute), giving the user a detailed temperature profile; the logger has a battery life of over a year when sampling at 10 minute intervals.

    Guaranteed accuracy and performance

    Every logger is individually calibrated and comes with a calibration certificate. We guarantee the loggers’ accuracy and performance for one year after purchase.