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All Star-Oddi recorders are assembled and calibrated at our premises using high precision calibration equipment.

Star-Oddi offers the following services:

Customers can send DST loggers and Starmon mini recorders to Star-Oddi for temperature and/or pressure recalibration. We also offer salinity recalibration for our DST CT and DST CTD loggers.

Battery Replacement for Starmon mini
Customers can send their Starmon mini recorders to Star-Oddi for battery replacement. We recommend that recorders be recalibrated at the same time the battery is replaced.

Data Analysis
Star-Oddi offers customers to send data that they need to analyze to us and we will run it through our PatternFinder data analysis software saving you valuable time. Star-Oddi also offers to customize features for those customers that already own PatternFinder and need specific solutions for their data analysis. Send us an e-mail at and we will make you an offer.