New Data Logger Release: Starmon Compass, with Heading-Tilt-Depth Sensors
April 30. - 2020

New Data Logger Release: Starmon Compass, with Heading-Tilt-Depth Sensors

Star-Oddi is proud to announce Starmon compass, a new compass heading data logger with high accuracy and a large memory. This robust logger is ideal for analysing heading direction and tilt movements on subsea gear and robotics.

Compact with multiple sensors
Starmon compass boasts multiple sensors in a compact titanium housing. In addition to heading, pitch & roll, and 3-D tilt-acceleration, this unique data logger also measures depth and temperature.

Vertical or horizontal placement
When starting the logger the user selects if it is placed horizontally or vertically on the equipment. The user software offers a real-time view of measurements when connected to a computer, which is helpful for doing a short test before deployment.

Fast response and sampling
The temperature probe has a fast response time constant of 2 seconds, beneficial for the measurements of the moving gear underwater. Response is immediate on the other sensors. Sampling intervals are user programmable, down to 1 second fastest.

High accuracy and large memory
Memory capacity is 2.2 million measurements per sensor parameter. The heading accuracy is better than +/-5° and pitch and roll accuracy +/-2°, when within a tilt range of +/-45°. The depth sensor accuracy is +/-0.3% of the selected calibration range and temperature accuracy +/-0.025°C.

See further specifications at the Starmon compass product page