Starmon compass, titanium housing

  • Magnetic field strength (Compass)
  • Tilt
  • Pressure (Depth)
  • Temperature

Heading, pitch & roll, 3-D acceleration, pressure / depth and temperature logger

Compact and robust, subsea compass and tilt recorder with large memory.

For monitoring heading direction, orientation, behavior and movements of submersible gear and underwater vehicles. Suitable for both short or long-term studies.

Key features

  • Compact with multiple sensors
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Fast response and large memory
  • Vertical or horizontal placement
  • Robust housing and high pressure survival
  • Description

    Compact with Multiple Sensors

    Starmon compass is a multi-sensor instrumentation with built-in sensors providing time-stamped measurements of compass heading, pitch & roll, 3-D tilt, acceleration, pressure, depth and temperature. The compact sized logger‘s dimensions are 197 mm length x 40 mm diameter. All measurements are recorded simultaneously at a user-defined interval.


    The Starmon compass logger is a unique research tool for collecting data on heading direction and movements of gear in underwater environments, for both short and long-term deployments:

    • Fishing gear studies, for gear behavior analysis at different fishing depths
    • Movements of underwater robots and unmanned vehicles (AUV, ROV)
    • Attached to scientific instruments and frames during surveys for study enhancement, currents and cable rotation monitoring
    • Heading and orientation of towed packages, hydrophone arrays and nets
    • Oil and gas pipeline inspection, for example pig launching (pigging)

    Reliable and Accurate

    This highly reliable and accurate instrument is able to record multiple parameters simultaneously. The heading accuracy is better than +/-5° and pitch and roll accuracy +/-2°, when within a tilt range of +/-45°. The depth/pressure sensor accuracy is +/-0.3% of the selected calibration range and temperature accuracy +/-0.025°C.

    Fast Response and Large Memory

    The logger has a fast response temperature probe with a time constant of 2 seconds. The memory capacity is 2.2 million measurements per sensor, all parameters recorded simultaneously. The measurements can be set to record as fast as every second. Battery consumption depends on the sampling interval used and frequency of use. The battery is factory replaceable.

    Vertical or Horizontal Placement

    During interval setup of the logger the user selects if the logger will be placed horizontally or vertically. This gives more flexible mounting options. The housing has two slots for strapping the logger to the gear. For attaching to a flat surface, Star-Oddi offers a plastic plate holder. Detailed instructions on placement can be seen in a downloadable PDF under the Documentation tab.

    Viewing Measurements in Real-Time

    It is recommended to do an online test before placing the logger on gear. The software offers a real-time view of measurements while the logger is connected to a computer. This feature is especially helpful to learn about the functionality of the heading, pitch and roll sensors when placed in different directions and angles. Understanding how the sensors work helps to ensure a correct placement. When doing an online test the measurements can be viewed in real-time in a graph and table.

    Robust Housing and High Pressure Survival

    The self-contained logger has a robust titanium housing that tolerates extreme conditions. Customers can choose from a range of depth sensor calibrations. Available depth ranges are: 0-50m, 100m, 200m, 500m, 1000m, 2000m or 4000m.

    Full Ocean Depth Housing Available

    For use at depths greater than 4000m a customized housing is available that tolerates any ocean depth. This ultra high-pressure resistant titanium housing comes without a pressure sensor, and is therefore equipped with compass, pitch & roll, 3-D tilt and temperature sensors.