Small Temperature and Depth Fish Archival Tag

The world‘s smallest temperature and depth logging archival fish tag

Ideal for very small fish or marine animals for long term behavior and migration studies. Developed in co-operation with fish biologists.

Key features

  • Small and reliable archival fish tag
  • Long life and flexible interval setup
  • Depth sensors for different ranges
  • Fish implantation or external attachment
  • User defined text on the housing
  • Description

    High performance in small size

    Dimensions are only 25.4 mm x 8.3 mm and it weighs 3.3 g in air. Despite the small size of the logger, the DST micro-TD Data Storage Tag has high reliability and long lifetime. Therefore it suitable for long term behaviour and migration studies of small fish, smolt and marine animals.


    The DST micro-TD is designed as an archival tag for migration, feeding and dive behavioral studies of small fish, seabirds and marine animals. The recorded time seris data enable scientists to gain valuable information on migration routes and behavioural patterns over a long period of time. The tag can be implanted or attached externally.

    Long life and flexible interval setup

    DST micro-TD can store 87,168 measurements in total which means it can store data for 2.5 years when using a 30 minute interval, as an example. It is possible to set the logger to record with multiple intervals, shifting between different intervals during the measuring period. Also it is possible to choose different intervals for measuring depth and temperature.

    Depth sensors for different ranges, selected by the user

    You can choose between depth calibration up to: 150 m, 300 m or 1000 m. The shallower the range the better the resolution and accuracy. 

    Fish implantation or external attachment

    The logger is designed as an implantable tag and can be implanted in the abdominal cavity. It can also be attached externally on a fish or marine animal using a tag holder kit, ensuring easier and safer attachment.

    User defined text on housing

    For tag and release of animals into the wild the tags can have a customized text on the housing, for recapture purposes. It is important to have the return information when the tags are used on commercially fished species, so that fishermen can return a tag with valuable data to the scientist. Normally there is a reward for a tag return.

    Spaghetti tag for spotting fish

    When the DST logger is implanted in fish it is possible to have a yellow plastic tube, a spaghetti tag, attached to the DST. The tube sticks to the exterior of fish, making it easier for fishermen to spot the tagged fish.