Miniature Temperature and Depth Data Logger

Miniature Temperature and Depth Data Logger with Long Life and High Pressure Survival

Easy to mount on subsea gear, nets and mooring lines for long-term studies in underwater environments

Key features

  • Miniature depth logger with temperature and pressure sensors
  • Flexible mounting with protective housing
  • Depth sensors for shallow to deep water
  • Long battery life
  • Description

    Miniature and handy  

    This miniature self-contained temperature and depth logger is perfect for research in underwater environments, dimensions only 46 mm x 15 mm. It is easy to mount the logger on subsea gear and moorings, using the optional plastic protective housing.


    The small yet high performing temp-depth logger is used for:

    • Ecosystem research – stationary long-term temperature and water level measurements in oceans, rivers and lakes
    • Short term collection of hydrographic data during research cruises
    • Fisheries research – gear behavior and fishing depth logging
    • Quality monitoring – temperature and water depth of geothermal boreholes and wells
    • Fish and marine animal tagging 

    Flexible mounting with protective housing

    A plastic protective housing is available, recommended when fastening the logger to subsea gear and moorings. It has attachment holes on both ends.

    Depth sensors for shallow to deep water

    There are various depth ranges available, up to 3000 m. Depth calibration ranges selectable up to 50 m, 100 m, 270 m, 800 m, 1500 m or 3000 m. The shallower the range the better the depth resolution and accuracy.

    Long battery life

    The DST centi-TD has the longest battery life of the temperature depth loggers in Star-Oddi‘s Data Storage Tag (DST) series. The battery can last up to 9 years, measuring at 10 minute intervals. Recorded data is stored in the logger‘s internal memory with a time stamp for each measurement.