Starmon TD, titanium housing

  • Pressure (Depth)
  • Temperature

Robust Temperature and Depth Recorder - for ocean research

Fast response, accurate and reliable recorder with temperature and depth sensors. Durable, long life with large memory. For use in demanding environments.

Ideal for tidal waves, water level monitoring and fishing gear research. Fits both for profiling or long-term research.

Key features

  • Compact and durable
  • Fast and accurate
  • Long life and replaceable battery
  • Large memory size
  • Easy to attach to gear
  • Description

    Compact and durable

    The robust time depth recorder Starmon TD is designed to withstand harsh conditions and long-term deployment subsea or in aquatic environments. It is durable with its robust and non-corrosive titanium housing, 197mm x 40mm in dimensions. A calibration certificate is delivered with each instrument.


    The Starmon TD is applicable for a wide array of research:

    • Oceanography and aquatic research - long term stationary monitoring or surveying
    • Fisheries research – attach the TDR to fishing gear, both for scientific and commercial use
    • Data collection on underwater vehicles, AUV, ROV, subsea cables and more
    • Geothermal wells or boreholes

    Fast and accurate

    The temperature sensor has a fast response of 2 seconds and the depth sensor has immediate response. Depth accuracy is +/-0.3% of full range and temperature accuracy is +/-0.025°C. Sampling intervals are user programmable and can be set down to 20 times per second.

    Long life replaceable battery and large memory

    The replaceable battery typically has a long life of over 10 years. Actual lifetime depends on sampling interval used and frequency of use. Memory size is 8.4 million recordings per sensor, total of 16.8 million recordings. Battery is replaceable.

    Easy to attach to gear

    For flexible mounting, Starmon TD has an attachment hole and two slots for strapping to moorings, nets or deployment lines.