Pre-Conference Workshop on Physio-Logging
January 31. - 2024

Pre-Conference Workshop on Physio-Logging

Star-Oddi will exhibit at the 8th International Bio-Logging Science Symposium (BLS8) in Tokyo, Japan, on March 4-8, 2024. We will showcase our bio-loggers measuring heart rate, activity, depth, and temperature.

Workshop on physio-logging in terrestrial and aquatic animals
On March 3, our physio-logging expert Asgeir Bjarnason will organize a pre-conference workshop with Andreas Fahlman (Linköping University/Global Diving Research) on physio-logging in both terrestrial and aquatic animals.

In this workshop, various experts will present state of the art physio-logging methods with special emphasizes on both short term and long-term heart rate measurements in various species addressing methodological challenges of recording and processing such data. We also include presentations of new technologies and trends as well as development of some new physio-logging tools that will enable both physiological capacity and energy use to be estimated. 

Come by and meet us
If you are attending BLS8, we would love to meet you. Come by our booth for a chat on how our physio-loggers may suit your study, or to take part in our Raffle! Also, make sure to sign up for the workshop due to limited spaces.

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