Case studies

  • December 28. - 2022

    Star-Oddi Physio-Loggers Used to Detect Torpor and Hibernation

    Star-Oddi physio loggers have been used to study torpor and hibernation for over a decade in numerous animal models, from small marsupials to large brown bears.

  • May 26. - 2021

    Heart Rate and Activity Measurements as Welfare Indicators in Aquaculture

    Several recent papers explore the use of Star-Oddi’s leadless heart rate and activity loggers in Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar), an important and valuable fish for aquaculture.

  • April 8. - 2020

    Star-Oddi Loggers in Virology Research

    Since Star-Oddi launched the first data loggers in 1993 our loggers have been used in a wide variety of research. After the release of our first implantable temperature sensor in 2003, one of the most prominent fields of research has been in the field of virology, including vaccine development.

  • November 28. - 2017

    Migration and Behavioral Study of Baltic Cod

    During 2004-2006 the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) tagged 382 cod where the DST CTD was attached externally on the fish. The size of the tagged cod ranged from 44-95 cm. Recapture rate was 48%, or 184 fish. The data from the CTD tags (salinity, temperature and depth) enabled the scientists to analyse individual behaviour in relation to sex and reproductive state. Also, by comparing the recorded environmental parameters from tags to existing hydrographic data helped mapping the fish migration routes and distribution.

  • November 28. - 2017

    Examining Life Forms 800 Meters Under the Antarctic Glacier

    NASA scientists have found bacteria living in the cold and dark waters under the Antarctic ice, a discovery that might advance knowledge of how life could survive on other planets, and offers glimpse of a vast ecosystem of microscopic life in the underground lakes. This lifeform has been well preserved for 250 thousand years. Star-Oddi's CTD logger was chosen by NASA because of its small size and reliability.

  • November 24. - 2017

    Adherence Monitoring of Vaginal Ring for HIV Prevention

    Star-Oddi’s smallest temperature logger is being investigated as a component of a drug-releasing vaginal ring intended to protect women from HIV infection. The logger has significant potential in monitoring user adherence in clinical studies. The project, involving a partnership between the Queen's University Belfast (UK), the University of York (UK) and ProMed Pharma (qUS), is funded by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

  • November 24. - 2017

    Determining Factors That Trigger Hibernation in Brown Bears

    Until now, little has been known about factors that trigger hibernation in wild brown bears (Ursus arctos). To help determine these factors researchers at The Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project in Sweden used Star-Oddi‘s DST Centi-T logger to measure body temperature at different intervals.