December 6. - 2019

Product News: Titanium Housing and Extended Depth Ranges for Starmon Loggers

To better meet the needs of a durable and robust device in demanding ocean environments, we now offer the Starmon TD (temp-depth) and Starmon tilt (acceleration-tilt-temp-depth) in titanium housing.

These ruggedly designed data loggers have a fast response temperature probe, large memory, long battery life and replaceable battery. The loggers are a great fit for mounting on subsea gear, profiling or long-term monitoring at moorings.

The temperature and depth logger Starmon TD is still available in anodized aluminium housing, which is recommended for water level monitoring in lakes.

High pressure tilt-acceleration logger for all ocean depths

A custom version of Starmon tilt-acceleration logger is available for deep ocean use - down to 11,000 m. The titanium housing is customized to withstand all ocean depths.

This ultra-high-pressure resistant housing cannot include the pressure sensor, thus the logger is only equipped with 3D tilt and temperature sensors. The standard version of Starmon tilt, with pressure/depth sensor included, is available with various ranges up to 2,000 m. The Starmon tilt is ideal for use on subsea equipment or gear.