Antenna & RF-box

Key features

  • Transmit data from the telemetry logger to your PC
  • Description


    It is placed under each cage and transmits data from the telemetry logger to the RF box.

    RF box

    The RF (radio frequency) box is attached to the antenna and serves as a trans receiver module that sends information to the PAN (Personal Area Network), a receiving module connected to the PC.

    RF box and antenna can be operated without power connection

    The RF box powers the antenna and it can be operated for up to 3 weeks without connection to power. The RF  box is rechargeable.

    High flexibility moving cages and animals between cages

    The telemetry system is highly flexible. The cage, antenna and RF box can be moved between locations, within the PAN range, without data loss or data being duplicated. The animals can also be moved between cages as each telemetry logger has its own electric serial number and it does not matter which RF box receives the data from the logger.

    Up to 10 animals per cage; up to 64 cages

    Technically, the RF box can receive data from 10 research animals in each cage. Up to 64 RF boxes can be linked to each PAN in a telemetry system, meaning that 640 subjects can be researched under one PAN.