Floating Device for Data Storage Tags

Key features

  • Helps increase fish tag recapture rate
  • Description

    For internal and external tagging

    Star-Oddi offers a floating device for the DST loggers. The floats can be used both for internal and external tagging. The floats come with a stainless steel wire for attaching float to DST. A specific thread can be used to attach the floats that dissolves in water after some time and floats up. 

    Increases the recapture rate

    Most fish tagging projects rely on tags to be returned by commercial fishermen. If a DST tagged fish with a float is not recaptured, the tag will at eventually detach from the fish, float to surface and reach shore. With the hope of someone spotting the tag at a beach, the float can increase tag recapture rate.

    Bright color available

    The floats have a bright red color to make them easier to spot. For internal tagging the floats are coated with biocompatible epoxy material.

    Customized sizes

    Each standard float is 25.7 mm in length. Dimension depends on size of tag but can be customized, depending on number of capsule floats desired. As an example, if using three floats with the DST milli type the dimension needs to be 16 mm. It is also possible to customize a single float with a hole for inserting the tag into.