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For over a decade Star-Oddi has developed small data loggers for various industries and research applications. While our expertise is in aquatic environments and their living resources, Star-Oddi is continuously expanding the applications of its products and optimizes them to suit different needs. This is how we found our way beyond marine and freshwater research into the food & beverage and biomedical market and the journey isn’t over yet. We are constantly finding new ways to use our products, often lead by our customers’ requests.

Special characteristics of Star-Oddi products

  • Improved data collection
  • Dependability and repeatability of measurements
  • Stability of calibration
  • Precision
  • High quality components
  • High precision manufacturing
  • Biocompatibility
  • Compact and practical
  • Small size

Examples of applications

  • Power plants using Starmon hi-temp
  • Hydro power constructions using Starmon mini in titanium housing
  • High temperature measuring with Starmon mini in titanium housing for measuring temperature and depth
  • Soil research with DST milli, DST centi and Starmon

Star-Oddi products are used by researchers and scientists all over the world. Click here to view a selection of our broad customer portfolio.

Easy to use
Using Star-Oddi products is simple and quick. Our recorders are supported by our software and the Communication Box, which works as an interface between the logger and a computer. Using the software the logger can be programmed prior to recording and retrieved data can be viewed and analyzed both in graphical and tabular form and exported into other programs such as Microsoft Excel. When data has been retrieved the loggers can be reset for new recordings.

Data Storage Tags

Members of the DST product family vary in size, sensor type, memory size and battery life.
Starmon temperature recorders are stand-alone loggers especially designed for harsh environments. Starmon Mini is ideal for temperature monitoring on fishing gear while Starmon Hi-Temp was developed to measure temperature in pipelines.

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