Subsea high temperature and high pressure data logger

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Starmon ES - External Sensor Data Logger

Subsea high temperature and high pressure sensors


Key features

  • High temperature logging up to 316°C (600°F)
  • High pressure logging up to 690 bar (10,000 PSIA)
  • Compact size, durable and robust
  • Large memory size, long battery life and replaceable battery
  • Ideal for logging data in demanding environments


Data logger for demanding environments
The Starmon ES consists of a miniature subsea data logger and externally connected unit that contains temperature and pressure sensors. Logger and sensor unit are connected with a subsea cable. The sensor unit is designed to operate under high temperature and high pressure environments. Operational temperature range for the sensor is up to 316°C while the logger itself has operational range up to 90°C. Since logger housing is kept away from extreme conditions it has less impact on its performance and lifetime of the electronics. In addition to recording temperature sourrounding the external sensor the logger itself has an internal sensor to record its less extreme ambient temperature. The data logger has an internal battery and feeds power to the external sensors. All measurements are stored in the logger's memory.

Easy to use
By removing the end cap of the logger housing a cable plug becomes accessible. A cable connects the logger directly to a PC computer. The Seastar application software with its simple interface is used to program the logger, view and analyse the results after deployment. In SeaStar the user sets the start time, start date and sampling interval before starting the logger. A subsea cable is easily connectable between logger and sensor unit. After Starmon ES has been recovered it is connected to a PC and recorded data is downloaded into the SeaStar software. Results are displayed both in graphic and tabular form, showing each measurement with a time stamp. Pressure measurements can be shown as depth in meters if desired.

Features on Request

The logger housing has slots that fit for strapping. Star-Oddi offers brackets with bolts for attaching the logger to an object. Two brackets are needed for each logger. The brackets fit into the two slots on the logger housing, keeping the logger in a locked position.

Examples of Application

With its small size, rugged design and compatibility with corrosive environments, it's the ideal choice for many explorations and industries. 

  • Monitoring hydrothermal vents pouring hot, mineral-rich fluids from beneath the seafloor
  • Oil and offshore explorations
  • Geothermal and power generation
  • Wellhead and pumpstation monitoring

Technical Specifications

SensorsTemperature and pressure (depth)*
Size (diameter x length)Logger: 150 mm x 25 mm
External sensor: 125 mm x 37 mm
Housing materialTitanium
WeightLogger: 215 g
Sensor unit: 467 g
Memory typeNon-volatile (EEPROM)
Memory capacity174,750 temperature (external+internal) and pressure measurements
Temperature resolutionExternal sensor: 0.11°C (0.2°F)
Internal sensor: 0.025°C (0.45°F)
Temperature accuracyExternal sensor: 0.5°C (0.9°F)
Internal sensor: 0.1°C (0.18°F)
Temperature rangeExternal sensor: 0°C to +316°C (32°F to +600°F)
Internal (logger) sensor: -2°C to +40 (28°F to 104°F)**
Data retention20 years (data is retained even if battery fails)
ClockReal time clock. Accuracy +/-1 min/month
Sampling intervalUser programmable. Any interval from 1 sec. up to 90 hrs.
Thread7/16" (11 mm) in diameter
Pressure rangeChoose a calibration range up to:
345 bar (5000 PSI), 690 bar (10,000 PSI)
Pressure resolution0.04% FS (full scale)
Pressure accuracy+/-0.3% FS (full scale)
Battery life10 years***
Start date/time of recordingsUser programmable date and time for starting recordings
Application softwareSeaStar
Data importDAT file can be opened in other programs (e.g. Excel)
Computer interfaceCommunication cable, RS-232C 9 pin w/USB converter (between logger and PC)
Cable connectorSubsea military plug (between logger and sensor unit)
Cable lengthUser defined lenght of the subsea cable
*Sensors manufactured by Paine Electronics, LLC.
**Internal sensor can be calibrated to 90°C upon request
***For a sampling interval of 10 minutes. Battery is replaceable
Specifications may change without notice.

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