Conductivity, Salinity and Temperature Data Logger

Small and cost-effective conductivity data logger. Easy to mount on moorings. Wide salinity range.

For use on subsea moorings, underwater equipment and water quality monitoring. Adding Star-Oddi’s protective housing offers flexible mounting of the conductivity meter.

Key features

  • Smallest conductivity logger on the market
  • Flexible mounting with protective housing
  • Wide salinity range, low to high conductivity
  • High pressure tolerance
  • On/off saltwater switch available
  • Description

    Small and handy CT

    The standalone conductivity data logger DST CT measures and records conductivity and temperature. Upon data conversion the software calculates and displays the salinity values and velocity with a time stamp. Size is only 50 mm length and 15 mm diameter.

    Flexible mounting with protective housing

    A plastic protective housing is available, recommended when fastening the data logger to subsea gear and moorings.


    The DST CT self contained conductivity measuring device is used for a variety of studies including:

    • Oceanography and hydrography for long term stationary monitoring in coastal waters
    • Water quality monitoring with the low conductivity meter

    Wide salinity range, low to high conductivity

    The DST CT can capture conductivity from 3 to 68 mS/cm. Low conductivity range, 0.3–5 mS/cm, is also available, ideal for measuring in brackish water.

    High pressure tolerence

    The conductivity recorder can be used in underwater environments from shallow water to deep sea, up to 2500 meters.