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Salinity, Conductivity, Temperature and Depth Logger

Small and economical salinity logger. Easy to mount on gear.

For use on subsea gear and moorings for long-term oceanographic studies. Adding Star-Oddi’s protective housing offers flexible mounting options and added protection.

Key features

  • Smallest CTD salinity logger on the market
  • Flexible mounting with protective housing
  • Different ranges, high or low conductivity
  • Depth sensors for shallow to deep ocean
  • On/off saltwater switch for saving memory
  • Description

    Smallest CTD on the market

    This small autonomous salinity probe DST CTD measures and records conductivity, temperature and pressure. In addition to the three measured parameters the software calculates and displays salinity values and velocity in graphical and tabular form upon data conversion. It is only 50 mm in length and 15 in width. Due to its small size it is easy to mount it on various gear and nets.


    DST CTD is small and economical when compared to bulkier CTDs on the market. The CTD salinity measuring device is used for a variety of studies including:

    • Oceanography and hydrography - long term stationary monitoring or surveying
    • Fisheries research - CTD attached to fishing gear
    • Data collection on underwater vehicles – small sized CTD is an advantage.
    • For using the CTD on fish and marine animals, click here.

    Flexible mounting with protective housing

    A plastic protective housing is available, recommended when fastening the logger to subsea gear and moorings.

    Depth sensors for shallow to deep ocean

    Customers choose between depth calibration ranges up to 100 m, 500 m, 1200 m or 2400 m. The shallower the range the better the depth resolution and accuracy.

    On/off saltwater switch for saving memory

    It is possible to purchase the logger with a saltwater switch. This optional configuration and saves on the memory capacity, by only recording data when in saltwater. This on/off switch version is ideal for use on fishing gear, to stop recordings when gear is on deck and automatically start again when submerged.