October 12. - 2021

Our CTD & CT loggers now with wide salinity range

We are proud to announce enhanced wide salinity range in our small and popular DST CTD and CT logger series. The enhanced range captures from 3 to 68 mS/cm conductivity, allowing monitoring in a variety of applications. This can be beneficial in fluctuating situations from low to high salinity.

A low conductivity range CTD and CT logger, capturing from 0.3 to 5 mS/cm will continue to be available. Our previous ranges are available on request.

The small CTD and CT is small in size and easy to attach to gear. It has low energy consumption, allowing 4 years of monitoring at 10 minute intervals. Depth ranges offered are from 100 meters up to 2400 meters.

The CTD online is also available with the wide salinity range.

See further specifications at the DST CTD product page.