Acceleration, tilt,temperature and depth logger

Durable , long life subsea acceleration and tilt data logger with large memory. Fast sampling and response.

For monitoring behavior, movements and orientation of subsea gear, cables and underwater vehicles. Fits both for short or long-term research.

Key features

  • Fast sampling and response
  • Robust, durable and accurate
  • Long life and replaceable battery
  • 3-D orientation view
  • Easy to attach to gear
  • Description

    Fast sampling and response

    Starmon tilt can record acceleration and tilt in burst mode at up to 100 Hz (100 measurements per second). Different sampling rates within a measuring period are possible. The temperature sensor has a fast response of 2 seconds.


    The Starmon tilt is applicable for both short and long-term research:

    • Movements of fishing gear like trawls and dredges during surveys
    • Orientation of underwater vehicles, AUV and ROV
    • Tilt changes of submersible acoustic receivers and and mooring lines due to changes in wind and waves
    • Analysing shape of geothermal wells or boreholes
    • Vibration of subsea cables, recording bursts of acceleration data

    Robust and durable

    Starmon tilt has a robust and non-corrosive housing that can withstand harsh conditions at great depths. A calibration certificate is delivered with each instrument.

    Long life replaceable battery

    Depending on interval setup, the battery can last over a decade. The software

    does energy and memory calculations based on certain intervals and reports

    battery life status upon connection with Starmon tilt.

    3-D orientation view

    The user can view a 3-D image of the logger in the application software,

    showing the tilt angle at each data point. Automated animation playback of the

    orientation changes can be activated.

    Easy to attach to gear

    For flexible mounting, Starmon TD has an attachment hole and two slots for strapping to moorings, nets or deployment lines. Holder brackets are available for attaching on flat surface.